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Are you interested in using your computer to make or record music? 

Do you want to create music using synthesizers and other electronic sounds? Would you like to make great recordings of live sounds, voices, and instruments? Maybe you have a song or a piece you made up that you'd like to see as professional sheet music? Perhaps you'd just like to know more about the intersection of music and electronics, and to be a versatile and tech-savvy musician? We offer private one-on-one 
Music & Electronics lessons in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions.

Below is an interconnected web of concepts and topics as it pertains to Music and Electronics that can be explored in private one-on-one lessons:


  • DAW Software (Digital Audio Workstation)

    • Learn basic to advanced MIDI Sequencing, Processing, and Manipulation in DAWs such as Ableton, Pro Tools, Reaper, Audacity, Logic Pro X, Garage Band, etc.

    • Learn fundamental audio recording techniques for use with your DAW, and how to use various plugins and effects with maximum potential.

  • Recording

    • Learn how to setup for a recording session with an Audio Interface and a DAW.

    • Learn mic placement for various instruments, as well as audio editing techniques.

  • Audio Interfaces

    • Learn how to record audio and/or transmit MIDI data into your laptop using an external interface

    • Learn how to effectively utilize an interface for tracking, playback, etc.

  • Audio Production

    • Learn the fundamentals of digital audio and sound design.

    • Learn production techniques for a variety of styles and genres, as well as mixing and mastering techniques.

  • Notation Software and Engraving

    • Learn how to set scores and prepare parts in powerful and versatile software, from basic concepts and applications to advanced engraving in such programs as Finale and MuseScore.

    • Learn how to take engraved sheet music and transform it into electronic music in a DAW such Ableton, or vice-versa.


*All students enrolled in private lessons can sign up for one free group class listed here.


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