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Cayla Cappel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in English with a Creative Writing emphasis from Utah State University. She considers herself both a musician and writer, having trained in both piano and violin for nearly 20 years. She has been playing piano since she was four-years-old, having studied with Mrs. Camiah Mingorance of CEM Studios. She started playing the violin in elementary school, as well, and played from fourth grade to her high school graduation. She continues to play and practice personally.


As a writer, she contributed regularly to the literary magazine, Sink Hollow, during her undergraduate studies and is also a self-published author, having written a science fiction novel.


She loves working with children and has previously been a swim teacher where she worked with parents and their children on improving their water safety and swimming skills. She is an animal lover and has a little pet dog named Tinkerbell.


"I look forward to teaching these kids music and the many ways to enjoy it!"

- Cayla Cappel

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