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"The Hawk Music Academy is the premier place for both child and adult instruction for a variety of musical instruments. Both having doctorates in music, Dawn and Eric are very passionate about teaching and performing, and it is exhibited in every lesson through their excellent methods, patience, and strong knowledge with all facets of music. The Hawks are very mindful of each student’s abilities, and they provide a learning path that fits the goals and needs for anyone.

Our nine-year-old son has been taking piano lessons with Dr. Dawn Hawk for several years, and the combination of having a great teacher and regular practice has resulted in our child consistently attaining high marks on his national music exams, plus attaining some occasional music festival awards. I can’t imagine having a better learning environment in our area.

The Hawks are also founding members of the Alpharetta Symphony Orchestra. This is just another testament to their commitment to both musicians and the community.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Hawk Music Academy to anyone from beginner to advanced for personal instruction with their musical journey."

—  Dan and Van Haynes

"Our children, Aron and Lanie, have studied with Dr. Dawn Dalangin Hawk since 2010. She has been committed to their music education throughout her doctoral work and the establishment of her studio. Dawn is an experienced and accomplished musician. She is patient during lessons and has a calming demeanor. She has been instrumental in our children's participation in community events and competitions. Dawn is diligent in ensuring the success of her students and we value her professionalism and dedication."

—  Kellie Bauer

"Ms. Dawn is a terrific instructor! She has been teaching my daughter since she was 6 years old, now she is almost 13. She is very patient and encouraging. I love her positive attitude, she is always smiling and yet, she is very rigorous and thorough in her instruction. Even when we moved, we continued our instruction with her, which speaks very highly of her abilities. I highly recommend her, she is awesome!"

—  Dr. Suneeti Iyer

"Mrs. Dawn is a excellent piano teacher. My daughters have been going to her for about 3 years and love her. She is very patient with kids."

—  Rupal Patel

"Ms. Dawn is an excellent teacher! She is caring, dedicated, passionate about what she does, and very professional. She is possibly the best teacher I could have found to help me excel at piano."

—  Priya Jani

"Dr. Dawn Hawk is awesome. I came to her late in life. I studied as a child but don't feel I progressed very far. We moved out of state when I was 15 and my piano lessons stopped. I've had a piano most of my life and played mostly for fun. Fast forward 40+ years, my passion for playing piano was awakened by another teacher however within a year I had "graduated beyond her teaching ability".
I went on the Internet searching for teachers in my area and found Ms. Dawn's information.
It's been almost 2 years now and I can't believe how far I've progressed. My eyes have been opened to more opportunities than I ever knew existed.
Dawn is very patient with me, being older I'm "stuck in my ways" but she quietly but firmly encourages me to keep progressing with my technique, sight reading and other aspects of piano playing. I'm not looking to become a professional, I just want to be more knowledgeable and be able to pick up a piece of music and play It with minimal effort.
Dr. Eric Hawk has also encouraged me in writing and arranging my own pieces. I recently played my own arrangement for a Fall recital and for my Mother-in-law's Memorial Service.
I would recommend both Dr. Hawks (Dawn & Eric) as great teachers for any age or ability in music."

—  Susan Tanguy

"Dr. Dawn Hawk is an excellent teacher as well as a talented pianist. I have been her student for four years, and I feel that she has adapted to my needs which helped me progress tremendously. She is very motivating, and practice never gets boring thanks to her tips. Dr. Hawk goes far beyond what is expected of a music teacher in her dedication to her students. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to advance their piano skills no matter their current level."

—  Sabine Walsh

"Dawn and Eric are wonderful music teachers! My daughter takes piano from Dawn and violin from Eric. They are both very patient and motivating. I would highly recommend both of them! If I had them as music teachers when I was young I would still be playing!"

—  Kristen Ambrosetti

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