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Music is the entire world for Alexis Howser, having spent much of her childhood in musical classes, and years focusing on clarinet and piano. Her attention however, was focused on the flashy and virtuosic playing of popular guitar players. After picking up the instrument, she quickly found a deep love for the guitar. She began to study the neoclassical music of Yngwie Malmsteen and Muhammed Suiçmez, as well as the classical players that influenced her playing.


During college, Alexis took a variety of musical centered classes. Many of these dived deep into the rich history of guitar playing, and the techniques associated. Meanwhile, she played heavily in bands focusing on progressive metal. This experience gave her a perspective on music theory. Combined with the classes, this led her to a very deep understanding of the fundamentals of music.


Alexis has been giving music lessons for the past 3 years and is working on the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations in guitar performance. Alexis' approach is to teach others the wonderful and complex art that music offers, while focusing on precise technique.

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