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Ingrid Rosen graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA in 1993 with a B.A. in the Humanities and Arts and began her career working with children, as a lead preschool teacher in Iowa City, then in Gainesville, FL, and finally in Atlanta.  She has also worked in the hospitality industry as a server and as a cold kitchen chef.  She began studying music with piano in first grade, added the violin in second grade, and in seventh grade switched to the viola.  She competed and won several chamber music contests and played all four years in Maine’s All State Orchestra.  She won a full scholarship to study music at the University Of Maine. However, she chose to study poetry at Hampshire College instead and took 18 years off from studying music.  Then when her daughter joined an orchestra club, while renting a violin for her daughter, she learned about Main Street Orchestra, where she met Nancy Mack, who also teaches at Hawk Music Academy. Nancy invited her to join a new orchestra lead by Dawn and Eric Hawk.  That led to her joining the Lilburn Christian Church Choir and Orchestra and then an received an invitation to play with the professional orchestra, Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra. She currently also plays with the Hawks newest orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of North Georgia. She loves teaching her favorite thing - music at Hawk Music Academy!

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